Patio Foam 24″ x 72″ x 2″

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Patio Foam™ is designed with special open cells allowing both water and air to quickly pass through, creating cool and comfortable fast-drying cushions. Strong enough to stand up to all the elements, they are ideal for many outdoor uses like a porch, deck, pool, and patio furniture as well as boat and marine cushions. Humidity rapidly evaporates making them perfect cushions and mats for the beach, sporting events, tailgating, camping, and hunting. Create all year worry-free cushions for spring picnics, summer pool parties, gathering around a fire pit on cozy fall campouts, or a comfortable lightweight seat cushioning for a winter ice fishing excursion. Use with indoor cushions or mattresses where air circulation is needed like a wheelchair seat, mattress topper, or dog bed. You can also use them combined with cushion wrap for a full plush look. Patio Foam™ is easy to cut with scissors, razor knife or electric carving knife. The 24” x 72” x 2” size is perfect for outdoor furniture as well as camping, hunting, sports accessories, and creating a chaise lounge. This size can be used as it is or easily cut to make either two 24” x 36” cushions, three 24” x 24” cushions, four 18” x 24” cushions, eight 12” x 18” cushions, or twelve 12” x 12” cushions.

  • Water and air easily pass through and it dries quickly, so no need to worry about the rain
  • Unique material is mold and mildew resistant
  • Medium-density is comfortable, soft, and supportive
  • Uses Ideal for outdoor furniture as well as camping, hunting, and sport accessories – this size can make different sized cushions as well
  • The 24″ x 72″ x 2′ is a popular size for creating a chaise lounge






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