Shield Liner Fabric Craft Pack

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Shield, a moisture & allergen barrier fabric, is a PUL fabric that creates moisture and allergen barrier for improved health and comfort. Sew a layer to the top or inside of your project to create a shield against moisture, grease, pollens, dustmites and dander.

  • Convenient pre-packaged material in a small 3/4 (41.5″ wide) yard size. Perfect for small projects or just to try.
  • Make pillow, mattress, or cushion encasements. Layer inside soft fleece or minky fabrics to make children’s toys and diaper covers. Use as a base layer for blankets or wraps to make them suitable for picnics and outdoor sports and activities.
  • Sew-in
  • 100% polyester material with film
  • Instructions and tips for use included.