Poly-Fil® Mini Sized Micro Beads – 8 Liters

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Poly-Fil® Micro Beads are used in some of the most popular decorative pillows on the market today. Use them to create your own pillows and stuffed animals. This fill performs best when combined with stretchy polyester fabrics to create ultra-squishy pillows and crafts. Make great stress balls, sensory balls and therapy pillows. They can also be used for making Floam and Slime with the kids, as these micro beads do not fall out of slime easily. Great for an extra soft and smooth travel pillow. Not recommended for children under 5 years old. Care: Do not wash. Place micro beads in a removable bladder so the outer shell may be washed.

  • Ideal fill for stuffing animals and decorative pillows to give it that squishy and comfortable feeling
  • The mini sized micro beads are the perfect size for Floam and Slime making with the kids
  • One bag is 8 liters (.28 cubic feet)
  • The mini sized micro beads can be used for sensory items like stress balls, sensory balls and therapy pillows
  • These beads are 100% Polystyrene


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